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JUN 29, 2022

Dear publishers,

Hope all is well.

Today I am glad to introduce a new-talented author with you, her works have won numerous awards and are drawing continuous attention from the public, including The Sudan's Rhino Horn, Where Do We Go? and among others.

Below is a selection of her works displaying her recent efforts for children's.

If you would like to review her works, please feel free to contact me.

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Dai Yun

Dai Yun is a picture book author for children. She was born and raised in Nanjing, China, studied and worked in Sydney, Australia, and now resides in Singapore.
Yun is a world traveler and a versatile writer, so her stories range in theme and style from a pair of stinky socks under a child's bed to rhinos on the African savanna. She approaches her stories with a rare blend of empathy, imagination, critical thinking, and levity. 


Yun has received a number of prestigious national awards in China, including the FIRST PRIZE of the Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award and being named one of the Recommended Books by the National Library of China's Wenjin Book Award, both of which are regarded as China's top book honors. Her works have been translated into several languages, including French, Danish, and Arabic.

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The White Witch’s Garden

One of the witches who dwells in the skies wants to create a garden of all colors. She had, however, explored for three thousand years without attaining her ambition. She tried extremely hard and painstakingly to recite the incantation, and she toiled endlessly, but all she accomplished was to blow up a room full of white ash. When the White Witch swept the white ash from heaven to ground, it magically transformed into snowflakes that melted in the children's warm hands, bringing them tremendous joy. When the White Witch opened the window and let the sunlight in, she saw in an instant that spring had arrived for the flowers.


Text by Dai Yun, illustration by Gui Tu Zi

Hardcover, 42 pages, age 3~6

Hunan Children's Publishing House, Nov. 2021

Rights available: all languages

English translation and Chinese PDF available


In the past, there was Mencius' Mother Moving Three Times (Meng Mu San Qian) and choosing neighbors to live with; currently, parents rush and live in school. Each generation of parents has struggled on different paths to help their children grow up better. 

There are also such a couple of polar bear parents in the faraway extreme cold country. They grabbed their young children and proceeded on a long migration trip in search of a suitable living environment. From obscure human communities to the zoo where food and drink are not a concern, from the old ice period to the moon at millions of miles in altitude... Polar bears have finally found a great new habitat after a long trek and exploration. The glaciers are towering, the wind and snow are massive, the seals are fat - everything is identical to their ideal environment. It's just a matter of finding such a location. Can they make it?

This is a fictional story, yet it is also a very real one. Humans' footsteps have never stopped from ancient times to the present, leaving an impression on every inch of ground. Step by step, the species who share the same planet as us continue to recede until there is no longer any way to flee, competing to "leave." Leopards, tigers, elephants, polar bears... These creatures, which before did not bother each other with people, came into contact with us in some way or another as a result of "moving," and even lost both.


Text by Dai Yun, illustration by Igor Oreynikov

Hardcover, 40 pages, age 3~6

Guizhou Renmin Publishing House, June 2021

Rights sold to: Canada (World English)

English translation and Chinese PDF available

Sudan's Rhino Horn

Sudan's Rhino Horn is named after Sudan, the last male northern white rhino who died at the age of 45 in March 2018. The plot revolves around Sudan's horn, which symbolizes rhino existence and portrays the complex relationship between humans and nature.

Sudan's life is retold through the lens of a fairy tale based on a true story. The rhino's horn was removed three times in the story: once by Sudan's mother, once in a Czech zoo, and once in Africa to save his life.


Best Award: the 7th Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award


Text by Dai Yun, illustration by Li Xingming

Hardcover, 56 pages, age 4+

The 21st Century Publishing House, June 2019

Rights sold to: Taiwan (World Traditional Chinese), France (French).

English translation and Chinese PDF available

Where Have the Stinky Socks Gone?

Are the stinky socks gone? The stinky socks are truly gone!The story tells an interesting "wandering" story about a pair of stinky socks... The story is simple but full of childlike charm, and it unconsciously guides children to develop healthy lifestyle habits. The three-dimensional structure of the entire book is interesting, bright and lively, clean and neat, interspersed with small page turns and three-dimensional mechanisms to trigger suspense and stimulate children's curiosity during the reading process.


Bronze and Sunflower Picture Book Awards


Text by Dai Yun, illustration by Gu Dong

Hardcover, 36 pages, age 2+

Daylight Publishing House, Sep. 2021

Rights available: all languages

English translation and Chinese PDF available

Little Tadpole Buys Airplane (5 titles)

Initiation Education Picture Book for Money

About the series

It includes five interesting stories helping children to understand 5 basic financial concepts: 

(1) Why does money exist? 

(2) Who decides the price? 

(3) How to save money? 

(4) How to earn money? 

(5) Spend money and give. 

There are also corresponding interesting tasks and quests for children after the main content of each story.


Text by Dai Yun, illustration by Hu Qiong’an

Paperback, ages 3 to 7

Dolphin Books, November 2021

Rights available: all languages.

Main characters in the stories

Wuka— a little tadpole

Qiubao— a puffy fish (Diodon nicthemerus) which is a change purse

Saiku—a crocodile which is a magic saving box

Qiubao Revives

1st Story: Why does money exist?

Wuka is eager for a red toy airplane. But how to get it? Using money to buy! When Wuka puts changes into Qiubao who was met incidentally, Qiubao revives! Wuka decides to bring Qiubao to buy toy airplanes...

Two airplanes

2nd Story: Who decides the price?

When Wuka wants to use his changes to buy the red toy airplane, he finds another more attractive big toy plane which is remotely controlled! But the price is more expensive and Wuka does not have enough money. Why is this bigger one more expensive and who decides the price?

Saiku’s red and green lights

3rd Story: How to save money?

In order to help Wuka to save money, Qiubao introduces a crocodile named Saiku who is a wish saving box to Wuka. Every YUAN(Chinese dollar) saved by the crocodile, one red light on the crocodile’s back will be changed to green. So, when 20 red lights become all green, Wuka will have enough money to buy a big airplane!

Adventure at the Bottom of the Pond

4th Story: How to earn money?

It is quite slow to save money. So Wuka wants to earn money with Qiubao. But how? Wuka’s mum told Wuka to earn money by satisfying others’ requests. Wuka and Qiubao go to the bottom of the bond and begin their adventure...

A Special Angle

5th Story: Spend money and give

When Wuka is close to his target, an injured swan falls from the sky. In order to cure the swan, Wuka spent his savings and missed the last big airplane in the shop. However, Wuka still gets his reward finally...

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