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APR 18, 2022

Our Mom Is a Lion

If Mom can fly, hopefully she will no longer change into Superman, but rather let go of herself.

My little sister and I fight every day. We never eat a meal properly, and throw pillows at our mom... Finally, she becomes a lion who can spit fire! Even worse, the mother lion goes straight to the woods. She says she is a free lion now. She doesn’t want to come home and be a mother anymore... Oh my, what should we do?


Title: Our Mom Is a Lion

Author: Qin Zi

Language: Simplified Chinese

Pages: 40 pp

Size: 185mm * 258mm

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: July 2021

For ages 3 and above

All rights available.

Reviewing material: Chinese PDF, English PDF. 

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Author's Bio

Qin Zi loves challenges. She loves traveling and once spent 180 days driving

across Eurasia with her husband. She loves freedom, so she quit her job and

became a full-time mother. She also loves to express herself, so she learns painting and picture books written by herself... Qin Zi, who has always been "self-righteous", is lucky to get the support of many friends. In an interview with Lu Yu, a renowned TV show in China, she talked about their intercontinental travel. Her debut picture book, Father Sea Lion and His Little Daughter, was published in 2020.

Grumpy Mother-in-law was shortlisted for the Picture Book Creation Award of

the 11th Hsin Yi Picture Book Award, and Grumpy Mother-in-law and Her Robe

was shortlisted into the 2021 Red Cloak Original Picture Book Competition.

Qin Zi is still discovering more stories and is dedicated to more interesting

things. She is on her way!

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