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APR 29, 2022


The authors lead us to think about how people and nature get along with each other using a technique that shuttles between illusion and reality, full of human care. 

Every year on February 27, International Polar Bear Day is observed, with the topic "Protecting Mothers and Babies" as a prominent focus.

The much-publicized picture book author Dai Yun and the International Hans Christian Andersen Prize Illustrator Award winner Igor Oreynikov collaborated on this book, which is based on the true events of the 2019 polar bear "invasion" of the Russian town of Beluga Bay. The two authors lead us to think about how people and nature get along with each other using a technique that shuttles between illusion and reality, full of human care. Let us consider how people and the environment interact through the brushstrokes and beautiful images of fairy tales.


In the past, there were Mencius' Mother Moving Three Times (Meng Mu San Qian) and choosing neighbors to live with; currently, parents rush and live in school. Each generation of parents has struggled on different paths to help their children grow up better. 

There are also such a couple of polar bear parents in the faraway extreme cold country. They grabbed their young children and proceeded on a long migration trip in search of a suitable living environment. From obscure human communities to the zoo where food and drink are not a concern, from the old ice period to the moon at millions of miles in altitude... Polar bears have finally found a great new habitat after a long trek and exploration. The glaciers are towering, the wind and snow are massive, the seals are fat - everything is identical to their ideal environment. It's just a matter of finding such a location. Can they make it?

This is a fictional story, yet it is also a very real one. Humans' footsteps have never stopped from ancient times to the present, leaving an impression on every inch of ground. Step by step, the species who share the same planet as us continue to recede until there is no longer any way to flee, competing to "leave." Leopards, tigers, elephants, polar bears... These creatures, which before did not bother each other with people, came into contact with us in some way or another as a result of "moving," and even lost both.


Title: Where Do We Go? 

Written by Dai Yun

Illustrated by Igor Oleinikov

Text language: Chinese

Publication date: June 2021

Pages: 40

Format: Hardcover

Rights sold to: Canada (World English)

Reviewing material: Chinese full PDF and English translation.

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Author & Illustrator


Dai Yun is an author, translator, and publicist who specializes in children's books. Nanjing is where she grew up after being born in Zhejiang.
She holds a bachelor's degree from Nanjing University's School of Foreign Languages as well as a master's degree from Australia's University of New South Wales.

Her published works include Sudan’s Rhino Horn, Where Have the Stinky Socks Gone?, The White Witch’s Garden, Little Tadpole Buys Airplane, The Walking Chicken.


Igor Oreynikov was born in Moscow in 1953. He has long been involved in animation design, and since 2009, he has been solely focused on the creation of picture books.

The work is noted for its vivid rhythm, dynamics, and original composition, as well as its distinct atmosphere and mood.

Representative works include Song of a Small Tugboat, Sounds of a Snowy Day, Tales of Uncle Remus, Who’s first (Chinese zodiac), and others.

In March 2018, he received the International Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustrator.

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