APR 1, 2022

The Day I Went and Visited My Granny

Author & illustrator: Da Wu

When the little boy woke up, he found that his grandmother was sick and in hospital, so he decided to go on the road alone to visit his grandmother. Worrying about his grandmother and rushing alone scared him, but the little memories of being with him made him brave. At the same time, the adults who found the little boy missing also went out together to find him... The author shows the psychological activities of a child in the face of fear in a way that intertwines reality and fantasy, and tells a touching affection for grandparent and grandchild.

"On the day I went to see Granny, I encountered a lot of wind and rain, and I also encountered scary monitor lizards, but I was not afraid, because I had a lot to tell Granny immediately. Those words, others may not believe, but Granny will believe!"

From the back cover

Dedicated to my sincere family members

Companionship seems ordinary, but it has unexpected inspiration.

On the day that I visited my Granny, there was a big storm and a scary lizard but I was not afraid.

What supported me was that I had many things to tell my Granny.

What I’d tell may be not convinced by others, but Granny would always believe me!

Title: The Day I Went and Visited My Granny

Author & illustrator: Da Wu

Pages: 32

Size: 185mm * 258mm

Language: Chinese (Simplified)

Format: Hardcover

Publication date: October 2021

For ages 3 and above

All rights available

Reviewing material: Chinese full PDF and English translation PDF

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About Da Wu


Dawu is a "post-90s" picture book author and illustrator. He is now living in

Guangzhou. His novels and essays are columned on Reading Friends, Youth

Digest and other publications. He has illustrated for writers such as Keigo

Higashino, Li Juan and Liu Liangcheng, etc. His picture book, The King of Trees was

selected as one of the Top 100 Outstanding Picture Books in the World in

2019 by dPICTUS in UK, and was exhibited at Frankfurt Book Fair. The Bird and

Statue won the New Talent Prize at the 2019 BIBF Ananas International

Illustration Exhibition. The King of Trees has been translated into Spanish, and Walking on Earth was sold in Danish.

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